Screen Cleaner Kit 200ml for LED & LCD , Laptop, Lens and Digital products


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Out of stock

Gets rid of mud, filth and fingerprints out of your LCD, HDTV, LED TV, Flat Display TV, Pc Display
Complex deep cleansing machine for all screens and TV monitors. Especially formulated liquid-answer for all monitors
The whole lot you want to simply stay your whole units streak unfastened and taking a look like new for a very long time.
Micro Fiber Material is in a position to blank mud, fingerprints, stains and lint with top potency. Wash the Material in impartial purifier ( Don’t wash in gadget)
An additional-huge, scratch-unfastened microfiber cloth high quality overall cleansing answer on your laptopSpecially advanced to securely blank your Pc screen Alcohol and residue unfastened cleansing answer guarantees no injury and wipes up the show utterly blank

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Dimensions 23 × 16 × 7 cm