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Micron has released the newest addition to its portfolio of solid state drives, the M600 SATA SSD, designed for low power consumption in client computing environments and the direct successor to the M550. The M600 is built using Micron’s in-house 16nm NAND Flash and features the company’s new dynamic write acceleration, both of which will likely add to its reliability and longevity. Micron has also implemented its industry leading encryption and security features within the M600, including Opal 2.0 self-encryption, RAIN reliability technology, power loss protection and adaptive thermal monitoring.


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Design and build

The Micron M600 SSD consists of an all metal chassis, with a design that looks very different than its the previous M-class SSDs due to its black enclosure. Its 2.5-inch, 7mm SSD enclosure simply has a sticker placed on the front side with as product information label, which gives users information such as the capacity and serial number.

The side profiles show two screw holes on each side, allowing the drive to be mounted properly. Its slim 7mm profile allows the M600 fit into o enterprise client applications including corporate notebooks, workstations, ultra-thin tablet PCs and ultrabooks and in most any other application. The drive is also rounded out on the edges with standard SATA power and data connectors on the front.

Front and center of the M600 is the Marvell 88SS9189-BLD2 controller, the same as the prior-gen M550.

Micron uses its latest NAND technology inside the M600, which combined with firmware allows drive to swap NAND component behavior between MLC and SLC profiles on-the-fly. Micron indicates that this has potential to offer a dynamic pool of SLC-mode NAND dedicated to new data, which can increase write speeds, even for smaller capacities or when the drive has very little storage available.

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Dimensions 10.16 × 6.8 × 0.7 cm


  • Hardware Encryption : Yes
  • NAND Flash Memory Type : Multi-level cell (MLC)
  • Bytes per Sector : 512
  • Interface : SATA 6Gb/s
  • Weight : 2.29 oz
  • Manufacturer : Crucial Technology


  • Microsoft Certifications : Compatible with Windows 7
  • MTBF : 1500000 sec
  • Hardware Encryption : Yes
  • Encryption Details : Self-Encrypting Drive (SED), TCG Opal Encryption 2.0


  • Form Factor : 2.5″
  • Features :
    Adaptive thermal monitoring, Asynchronous Power-Loss Protection, DEVSLP SATA low power mode, Data Path Protection, Enhanced Data Integrity Flow, Hardware Full Disk Encryption (FDE), Hot-Plug Support, Microsoft eDrive compatible, Multi-Word DMA mode 0-2 support, Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Native Write Acceleration, PIO mode 3, 4 support, RAIN technology, Secure Erase function, Ultra DMA Mode 0-6 support
  • Hard Drive Type : internal hard drive
  • Form Factor (Short) : 2.5″
  • Form Factor (metric) : 6.4 cm
  • Form Factor (Short) (metric) : 6.4 cm
  • Storage Interface : Serial ATA-600
  • Interface : Serial ATA-600
  • NAND Flash Memory Type : multi-level cell (MLC)
  • Data Transfer Rate : 600 MBps
  • Internal Data Rate : 560 MBps
  • Internal Data Rate (Write) : 510 MBps
  • 4KB Random Read : 100000
  • 4KB Random Write : 88000
  • Bytes per Sector : 512 Hz
  • Non-Recoverable Errors : 1 per 10^15


  • Internal Data Rate : 560 MBps (read) / 510 MBps (write)
  • 4KB Random Write : 88000 IOPS
  • Drive Transfer Rate : 600 MBps (external)
  • 4KB Random Read : 100000 IOPS


  • Width : 2.7 in
  • Depth : 4 in
  • Height : 0.3 in
  • Weight : 2.29 oz