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HP USB 3 Button Optical Mouse Original


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The HP Optical Wired Mouse is a 3 button mouse which lets you maneuver your way across the screen with optimum ease. It has a stylish design with a smooth finish and edges that are sculpted to give this mouse a distinct look. The HP mouse is a step ahead from traditional mice that used to inculcate rollers and to guide them used to be an arduous affair. Instead, it uses an optical sensor with 1000 DPI sensitivity and smoother base. It has two primary buttons, one on the left and the other on the right that diligently perform their respective tasks and in the middle, there is a clickable scroll wheel. The mouse has a USB connector, so it is compatible with a desktop computer as well as a laptop.

This HP mouse is designed to offer maximum comfort to the user as modern computer applications require long hours of mouse use. It has a symmetric frame, which makes it perfect for both, right-hand and left-hand users. The sides are textured to enhance the feel and the rubber scroll wheel offers total grip for scrolling applications. This 3-button mouse has a lint-free operation, so it does not need regular cleaning. The buttons are responsive to slight touch and are highly accurate.

This HP optical mouse is lightweight and, therefore, does not cause strain after constant usage. Moreover, it is durable so it can withstand daily rough usage and stays sturdy for years to follow. This mouse from HP is the ideal companion for everyday computer applications. It is easy to set up and does not need a driver or CD for installation. Just connect it to the USB port, and you can browse easily and access the different functions of the computer.

HP USB 3 Button

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